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Hello dear customers!


In order to improve the quality of our service, we suggest you leave both positive and negative feedback in this thread about the convenience of working in billing, *sharing stability, IPTV, and the quality of technical support.

The scope of this topic is narrowly limited, moderators reserve the right to delete messages that do not match the format of the topic.

When compiling a review, we ask you to leave the login (without a password!) from the billing in the signature, for a more productive effect.



* A large share of viewing stability is provided by the receiver and the quality of the Internet connection, in this case, not everything can be 100% dependent on us.

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Please help me to use my balance (86.45$) to ****** the Premium package. My login in billing: 72ee450.

I used "Пополнить баланс" at the end of my test-drive but it didn't ****** me any IPTV packs. I see both $86.45 balance and "У вас нет купленных IPTV пакетов" in my личный кабинет.



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I just started to use my test line. I've been with a different IPTV provider but I had problems with watching channels every day. We are a multicultural & multilingual family and we watch UK, Polish and Hungarian channels.
So far we used cardsharing which is absolutely great but we dont have archives there and due to our geo location Im unable to tune on the UK channels. There is no Astra 28.2 coverage in the location we live therefore we missed out of the UK channels.
After messing around with other big IPTV providers I ended up with Cbilling. So far I think the quality you offer is really good. Before we had 3 days archive now we have 7 days archive and no freezing so far.

Im here to ask the possibility to add Polish and Hungarian IPTV service to service you already offer. UK channels are available only on the VIP package but would be great to have those two added to them BUT ONLY IF THEY ARE FREEZE FREE.

As I mentioned I also use carsharing but it is not too convenient to change from SHIELD to ENIGMA2 box if we want to watch other Polish & Hungarian channels. Would be brilliant if this all 3 could be done on SHIELD with also 7 days archive.

Thank you

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