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OpenViX 6.0 is based on the OE-Alliance v5.0 core.

The easiest way to flash latest OpenVix image is to do the following:

Download the image to your receiver's storage device
Blue button > ViX > Image manager > Yellow (Downloads) > Select OpenViX > Select image version > Press OK
You will see the download status

Once downloaded, you should still be in Image manager and the latest image should be highlighted.
Ensure you have the correct image selected then press the Blue button (Flash)
The new image will flash and box will reboot when completed

You can then restore settings and plugins from OpenViX 5.4 series images after you have flashed the image. This will restore most things to how you had them before.

The main change from version 5.4 to version 6.0 has been to upgrade from Python 2 to Python 3. Python 3 is already 10 years old and Python 2 was deprecated in 2015 and is now completely unmaintained. This means all the third party packages we use extensively will no longer be maintained. And also there will be no future updates for security vunerabilities. With this in mind, not upgrading to Python 3 was not an option for us.

Unlike previous images, the main differences are in both the OpenViX image which has been recoded for python3 and core of the image or the OE (Open Embedded) which has also undergone a lot of changes, updates and fixes to ONLY support python3.
Also support for Oscam scripts has been added as an alternative to the ViX SoftcamManager.

OE-A 5.0
Python 3.9
Extensive changes "under the covers" to meet python3 requirements.
Some plugins may no longer be supported (depends on source availability etc) or still may need code changes
Has been extensively piloted over last 5 months.

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