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OpenVision 10.3 R387

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About This File

– OE update

– XML updates

– SH4 driver updates for OEM/brand/model/rid/stbid in Information screen, thanks to Audioniek (also you could read pti_descrambler.c and see what I wrote about PowerVu so any idea would be appreciated)

– LCD4linux plugin 5.1-r8q for Open Vision

– Open WebIF updates and fixes

– Pre-install all graphic drivers (opengl, libgles and …)


– setup.xml fix by norhap

Do not online update/upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3, you need to reflash!

Keep in mind we have our own kernels and specific drivers so multibooting our images means YOU WILL LOSE some functions.

online update;

opkg update; opkg upgrade

GStreamer – 1.18.3-r0 (stable)
python – 2.7.18-r0
GCC – 10.2-r0
Glibc – 2.33-r0
OpenSSL – 1.1.1j-r0
Busybox – 1.33.0-r0
FFmpeg – 4.3.2-r0 (latest stable)
exteplayer3 – 68
wget – 1.21.1-r0
curl – 7.75.0-r0
GnuTLS – 3.7.0-r0
Binutils – 2.36-1

Login details:

Username: root

Password: openvision

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