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Set up IPTV on OTT-Play

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Launching the OTT-Play application using donor applications (RedBullTv, Smart STB or ivi)

To watch IPTV on your LG SmartTV using the ott-play player, you need to follow a few simple steps.

1. In the network settings of the TV set DNS  or (without ivi).



2. To run the player itself, you need so-called donor applications that are already installed on your TV. Possible donor applications are RedBullTv , Smart STB or ivi . We recommend using the RedbullTV application, as it has a Full HD interface. Due to the fact that we have replaced the DNS, now OTT-Play will be launched instead of RedbullTV.

Setting up the player itself!

After starting the player, it will issue a warning about the need to enter provider data. Select the Manual setting item and get to the next section



Click Change provider and In the list of providers, select Gomelsat (cbilling)



Enter the public key for the playlist, which can be obtained on your cbilling.live settings page



We also indicate the device number if the package was purchased for several devices. After prescribing the key, restart the player.

When you start the player, you will see a list of channels



You can choose to sort by category




HD+SD, Premium, On-Demand subscribers also have access to a media library with a huge collection of video content








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