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Due to the large number of issues related to resellership, I decided to cover this topic in more detail.

You can register a reseller account at - https://cbilling.eu/index.php?mode=signup&reseller=1. After that, you get the opportunity to register any number of your own users, both new and existing, previously registered in the billing, to your account. To add an existing user to your account, you must select the appropriate item, enter the username and password of the user. After that, the user will be added to your list. With this procedure, the balance of the added user is not transferred to the reseller, which gives the same user the right to additionally manage his own subscription by logging into the billing as a regular user and pay from his own balance.
The reseller has the ability to pay from their own balance for all their users and fully manage their subscriptions and settings.

Being a reseller with us is profitable!


with 10-50 active users - 5% discount
with 51-100 active users - 10% discount
with 101-200 active users - 20% discount
with >200 active users - 30% discount

    *the discount does not apply to the IPTV HD+SD package (on demand tariff)

A user is considered active if he has any cardsharing/IPTV package that he has watched for at least 1 month.
The discount is dynamic for each reseller and may change up or down each time you purchase/renew packages.


Attention! Pay attention to the conditions of the promotion when replenishing the balance:
Replenishing the balance at a time in the amount of


    15$ get 20$
    20$ get 28$
    25$ get 38$
    30$ get 48$
    35$ get 60$
    40$ get 72$
    45$ get 86$
    50$ get 100$

Have a nice work!

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