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Watching IPTV on Ottplayer

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To view IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV through the ottplayer application, you need to register on the player's website ottplayer.tv.

After registering on the site,

If you have a Samsung TV series c, d, e, f, h, you need to reinstall the application following one of the instructions corresponding to your TV model: https://ottplayer.tv/soft/samsung
If you have a Samsung TV on the Tizen platform and your player version is below 2.006, then first of all check in the application store for a new version.
If there is no new version for your TV, then we offer alternative launch methods:
The most correct way is to install the player using Tizen Studio:

    1 Download and Install Tizen Studio 4.5 with IDE installer (https://developer.tizen.org/development/tizen-studio/download).
    2. We do everything according to the instructions from the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sBKTEe2moo
    3. Next, download the new widget file http://widget.ottplayer.tv/tizen/TizenOtt.wgt
    4. Install on TV according to the same instructions

An alternative way (not suitable for everyone, but easier to understand and perform):

    1. In the application store, we are looking for the application "Media station x" and install it.
    2. Run the installed application.
    3. Go to settings - start parameters - setup
    4. Enter widget.ottplayer.tv
    5. Click the checkmark to confirm and, in the dialog that opens, "yes"

Everything - the player is installed. Then it can be run through media station x.
The player needs to be configured after launch - enter credentials, select the desired parameters.
Also pay attention to the player type in the settings. To play, you may need to change the player to "HTML5 player"

After the player is installed on the TV, launch the OttPlayer widget on the TV, go to the player settings and enter the registration data from the ottplayer.tv website.



After that, we go back and the player offers to create a New device, confirm with the OK button on the player's screen. We set an arbitrary name for our device.



Next, go to your personal account on the ott-player website, add a link to the auto-updating playlist from billing to the playlists, or upload the playlist file, specify an arbitrary name for the playlist, select "all devices" in the "devices" section, and also do not forget to enable the support parameter archive.



If you add an auto-updating playlist, then you must also specify the update frequency in the settings. Due to the peculiarity of the player, new channels that will be added to the package will be displayed at the top of your channel list.



In the widget settings, you can also select different appearance options if you are not satisfied with the default interface color. For example like this:




Press the update playlist button and see our playlist




By default, the navigation type is set to "Tile", but if you don't like this option, you can choose your own.


For example, if you select "Navigation type: List", then the view of the list of channels and categories will change and take the form:



Having selected a channel, you can click on the "right" arrow and a menu with a TV program will open, you can also turn on an already past TV show and watch it in an archived recording




Browse media library via ottplayer (only available in Premium and SD+HD packages)

Being on the main page of the widget, press the button with a pencil



we get to the section Editing playlists, click on the plus sign



In the window that appears, enter the link to the media library, which we get from the IPTV settings page in the billing



press the OK button on the virtual keyboard, write any playlist name and OK again



after saving the playlist, we see that it has been added to the widget list at the bottom


by going to this section, you can see a media library with a variety of content. Here you can also use the search function of the movie you are interested in.




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Наш Telegram-канал - https://t.me/cbillingtv

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