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What is new in this DarkStar II DM500 ?

Updated CVS: 30 August 2008
The image has been completely recoded based on the latest CVS
Updated Skin by porto
New DarkStar II skin customized by porto
Enigma 1 Integrated 8 Days Sky IT EPG
Download 8 days Sky IT EPG, and have it integrated to Enigma1
EPG Event Search
Select a single channel EPG, press 0, enter a keyword and search for your preferred events
EPG Channels Selection
Customize the list of EPG channels to download. We reccomend to restart Enigma upon completing the selection
EPG Channels Update List
Update the EPG channels list when there are changes
Standby after reboot
Your DM will automatically standby after an accidental reboot, such as after a powercut
Scheduled Reboot
Schedule an automatic daily reboot

Main Function Keys
Button 1xOK = Light Info OSD
Button 2xOK = Extra Info OSD
Button Blue = Nabilo Blue Panel
Button 2xBlue = Nabilo Extra Settings
Button Yellow = Nabilo Yellow Panel - Plugins List
Button 2xYellow = Nabilo Yellow Panel - Addons Manager
Button Red = Current Channel EPG
Button 2xRed = Select Channel EPG or MultiEPG
Dedicated Addons Server
Download and install additional packages from Nabilosat server
Enigma1 Analogic Clock
Channel Orbital Position
Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
Signal SNR, AGC, BER
Infobar Picons
Advanced EMU information

Nabilo Panels features

1) Blue Panel

Extra Settings

Nabilo EPG Settings
Nabilo OSD Preferences
Nabilo Scheduler
Mount Points
System Info
Mount Points Info
Process Info
Memory Info
Enigma Setup

Select/Start/Restart EMU
2) Yellow Panel

Addons Download Manager
Manual Install Panel
Addons Uninstall Panel
Images Uninstall Panel
Nabilosat Statistics
WARNING: to install this image in flash Use ONLY DreamUP + serial cable and a complete flash erase.
Don't install this image in flash with flashwizard.

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