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Внимание - не рекомендуется заливать в китайские подделки Dreambox 500 !

* USB-Cardreaders can be activeted over the menu (BP->Extra->USB-CardReader
* With the variables "show_gemini_server" and "show_camd_plugins" the addondownload and the server can be influenced (/var/etc/Gemini.conf)

Fix + update:
* After- and Prerun at records increased to 20 minutes
* after a backup-restore the datas are available immediately, eg. bouquets
* Crash at web-access to PMT-Pid without a valid PAT
* Flickering of the popup "Channel change: Service not found"
* Prevent the popup "Channel change: Service not found" while the rotor is moving
* have a look at the CVS

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