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New features:
Busybox-cron is now installed by default.
Network time sync is now built in by default.

New or improved Plugins and Settings:
oscam: Remove disabling the clockfix, now that NTP (network time protocol) is activate as standard
gstreamer: Upgrade to version 1.18.4
youtube_dl: is now automatically updated on every build
ffmpeg: Upgrade to version 4.4.0
ffmpeg: Add v4l2-mem2mem decoders, the v4l2-mem2mem decoders are required for ffmpeg for the osmio4k family
ffmpeg: Fixed missing components on MIPS hardware, causing issues with exteplayer3
mgcamd: Add version 1.46 for mips and arm
enigma: Add CRID support to EPG data
enigma: Add experimental SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) picon support
lcd4linux: Enable oscam-lcd-support
kodi: Many improvements
zerotier: Upgraded to version 1.6.5
BackupSuite:updated to support newly supported hardware
Added inotify-tools to feed
Removed joynescan, provider went into administration
Added streamlink 1.27.4, Livestreamer for Windows, MacOS, Linux and BSD
Added sshfs-fuse to the feed
Refactored libcrypto-compat, now providing 1.0.2, 1.0.0, 0.9.8 and 0.9.7
Experimental CI Plus support (requires key files)

Driver updates:

Update kernel to 5.12
Updates for ALSA/Kodi support

vuplus-blindscan-utils: QA fixes and cleanings
Fixed booting problem (duo4kse, uno4kse, zero4k)
Bcm wifi fix white space ssid name
Add turbo2 driver.
Xbmc-support-vusolose: fix wrong file name
Xbmc-support-vuxxo2: add vuxxo2 packages for kodi_18
Improve loading wifi firmware (duo4k, duo4kse, ultimo4k)
Fixed audio problem in HDMI-IN recording (duo4kse)
Add Support for usb Stick WinTV-DualHD

multibox recovery update: fix check wrong map multiboxse/multibox

Removed old dvdmediasink references

Add model h11 serie

Removed defaulttune for 5x00/6x00/9x00, should not be NF
Bring back lost blindscan

Add remote key F3 F4

Other improvements:
Add support for Open Hbbtv Browser (Edision)
Add dB value for all ver. Sundtek DVB-S/S2

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