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Gigablue Trio 4k :
update hiplayer for kodi 18.8
Octagon SF8008 :
update hiplayer for kodi 18.8
uClan Ustym 4K pro :
update hiplayer for kodi 18.8
[email protected] HD60:
Fix CA.
Izibox Eco Twin HD, Dinobot 4K+ yDinobot 4K :
Add dual decryption function.
Edision OS Mio 4k y OS Mio 4k+ :
enable kodi h/w decoding : Kodi built-in video player can play AVC, VP9, HEVC up to 4k24p with h/w decoding on osmio4k and osmio4kplus.
Not enough performance for 4k60p and higher contents.
Minor issues such as lip-sync also remain. So, e2player is recommended to be a default player for a while.
switch to linux 5.8 (including OS Mini 4k+)
Edision OS Nino, OS Nino pro y OS Nino plus:
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

- ****** skin OpenStarHD, developed by villak.
- Improve optelebot and adapted spaNotifications.
- Changes in mytube plugin, now your own youtube API is needed to work.
- Add plugin Netflix for Gigablue Trio 4K.
- ****** secondinfobar to configure for BlackSPA, now each infobar has its associated secondinfobar.
- ****** online management for BlackModern infobar, designed by elduque. See update tutorial (only spanish).
- Improve InfoMeteo (spzWeather), now including 3 providers, Aemet (only spanish cities), Foreca (from Foreca.net) y MSN (old openweather by villak). Now, the 3 providers come with Madrid as default city. Aemet and MSN working perfect, Foreca doesnt show weather info for some cities. See use tutorial.
- ****** plugin for poster and banner management, thanks to digiteng.
- Add kodi shortcut in OpenSPA menu for Hitube 4K and uClan Ustym 4K pro.
- Adap scheduled searching and series recording to use with optelebot.
- Add internet cut notifications for spanotifications.
- Update rclone to versión 1.53.1.
- ****** Bootlogo, thanks to EL_LARA.

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