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openSPA 7.3.008

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 New drivers Edision OS Mio 4k

Fixed the pop noise when changing channels

- New drivers Dinobot 4k

fix bitrate viewer
fix jump keys playback radis ts files

- New drivers Dinobot 4k+

add PIP
fix aspect

- New drivers Dinobot U5 mini

add PIP
fix aspect
fix Bitrate viewer fix jump keys playback radios ts files
fix hdr/hlg mode
add support red power led control
add control display on/off for standby
add hdmi-cec
add blindscan support
optimizie zapping speed
disable smooth play after zapping live channels

- New drivers Octagon SF8008

try hdr fix (pls test)
Add more character for frontpanel led.
fixed crash when handle some pes packet.
removeCEC 0 NOT VALID! message on hdmi cec driver.
fixed the screen blank for skip media when refresh rate set to "auto" mode.
Add transcoding.
fixed audio issue with last update
Sound problem from Stand-by fixed.
Standby looses audio fixed.
Media Playback Jump Button issue fixed.
TimeShift improved
PowerLED Control Update:
echo "on" > /proc/stb/fp/standbyled
echo "off" > /proc/stb/fp/standbyled
/proc/stb/fp/standbyled for RED
/proc/stb/fp/poweronled for BLUE
/proc/stb/fp/mixerled for PURPLE
fix crash in proc_vmpeg_0_dst_apply_write

- New drivers Zgemma H9 e i55plus

fix deepsleep wake-up with boxes that use multi-remotes
fix cse des (pvu)

- New drivers Zgemma H7

add blindscan

- New drivers Mutant HD60

add new partition layout for coming multiboot

- New drivers Qviart Lunix, Lunix 4k and Lunix3 4k

Fix HDR issue (need test)
Improve Lunix 4k kodi.

- Fix crashlog when execute timesleep from menu
- Improve OnlineTV module, now with preview PIG
- Fixed no extra info from information screen
- Fix error changing password, multilanguage support
- Fix weather info disappearance after a few hours on LCD displays.
- Añadida info Wicardd en infobar (if its enabled)
- New Bootlogo, thanks to darkness.

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