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OpenPLi 7.0

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This image is using the OE Pyro branch (Yocto project)
Add Support for Gamma Curve (aka SDR/HDR/HLG)
Service references for dotted lines (VBI-Lins) on top of the screen are now placed in the file: /etc/enigma2/whitelist_vbi. With a update of the settings lists, the entry's aren't lost anymore.
Improved support for the Wifi USB chipsets (MT7601u, MT7610u, RTL3573, RTL5572, RTL8723a, RTL8723bs, RTL8723bt, RTL8812au, RTL8814au, RTL8822bu, RTL8189es and RTL8192EU) (note: not for all images yet!)
Updated driver for the Wifi USB chipset RTL8192cu
New libcrypto-compat package provides backwars openssl/libcrypto support [20190121 hotfix]
Improvement Since previous version:
Fallback remote receiver (eg. fallback tuner) possibilities extended.
Latest Commits - Removed from Information\About\Red button
Gstreamer 1.14.4
Keyboard entry improvement
libssh 0.7.6 to address CVE02018-10933
Some improvements for the online Flash. (eg. other a Flash to multiboot, you get direct access towards the multiboot menu)
Small improvements for the StartupWizard. (eg. When no tuners are enabled, a fallback tuner option is presented.)
Added option to fully disable the Fastscan (default = disable)
Hide non-required menu options in tuner setup when no tuners are enabled.

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