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openspa 7.3.003


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- New support Zgemma H9.2H , Zgemma H9.2S and Zgemma i55 plus
- New support Octagon SF8008.
- New drivers Gigablue Quad 4K.
- New drivers Dinobot 4k and 4k+ (Fix led control and display control, Fix hdr/hlg mode).
- New drivers OS Nino, OS Nino Pro and OS Nino plus.
- Amiko A5 : Added support for skins FullHD
- Amiko A5 : Fix halt and reboot
- Fixed issue with some videos in Youtube.
- Kodi : added Enigma2Player (new skin for video player, fixed video resume from last position).
- Added screen HistoryZapSelector to our skins
- Fixed pcsc-lite start script.
- Fixed crash when exit from blindscan (ex: Zgemma H9S)

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