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openspa 7.3.002

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- New support Edision OS Nino Pro
- New drivers Amiko A5.

fix a/v sync

- New drivers Amiko Viper Combo

Fix CA

- New drivers Qviart Lunix and Lunix3 4k

Fix EPG Movistar+ issue.
Fix hbbtv close issue (only Lunix3 4k)

- New drivers Dinobot 4k and 4k+.

add hdmi-cec
add blindscan support
optimizie zapping speed
disable smooth play after zapping live channels
linux wifi fix wpa issue

- New drivers OS Nino, OS Nino plus and OS Nino Pro.

fix audio selection

- New drivers Vuplus Uno4k, Uno4k se and Ultimo 4k

Support dual DVB-T2 tuner

- New drivers Zgemma H9.

Support rc21 and rc25 remotes
Optimise stream record

- HDMI-CEC and Flashonline improvements.
- Increased number of tuners in Customize skin MetrixJR (now you can choose up to 20).
- Sthetic improvements in skin spa24HD, MetrixJRSD and MetrixJR.
- Fix picon downloads in Extra Panel.
- New displays available for download for displays of 800px (Ultimo 4k), 480px (Solo4k) and 400 (Uno 4k SE, GB Quad 4k)
- Fix duration on the infobar screen.
- Improvements in Spanish and Catalan translations.

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