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OpenDroid Images 6.6

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New Updates on the skin OPD-Blue-Line tnx stein17
Changed enigma2 structure
Changed Python 2.7.13
Changed GStreamer 1.15.0 (GIT)
Add NEW (opdboot) Multiboot-OPD
Added possibility to download new OPD bootlogo
Add Model Pic to/usr/share/enigma2
Add LCD_COLOR_BITORDER_RGB565 for gigablue
Add skin info
Add opd panel and blue panel in ParentalControl
Add movie and audio format
Add modelinfo
Add type format
Add HddSetup and fix "Ext4", "Ext3", "Ext2", "NTFS", "exFAT", "Fat32" in OPDpanel
Fix ImportError: No module named
Fix Trash Sort and crash Delete registration file
Fix processor temp
Fix windowTitle
Fix and update Addons Panel differentiated picons folders
Fix and update EPG
Fix skin_display clock
Fix device list
Fix CISetup and videowizard
Fix createSummary
Fix Architeture
Changed and updated some skin png
Update bootlogo by GioppyGio
Update OPDpanel
Update Addons Panel
Update spinner By GioppyGio
Update GioppyGio settings & picons plugin (Special thanks to Formiano and Stein17 for contributing to the creation
Update GreenPanel
Update Harddisk MMC
Update the IT language
Update flashOnline update imageBackup

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