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PKT Hyperion 6 svn3764

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Информация о файле

- OE-Alliance 4.2
- GStreamer 1.13.0
- Python 2.7.13
- actual base
- [4k] where is posible: HBBTV enabled
- where is posible: KODI enabled
- new plugin: Auto Standby
- [h7/hd51] Install Manager to install in Startup 2-4 and set boot
- new option in Backup Manager: new option in Backup Manager: full copy of running image to hdd, usb or openmultiboot
- new packages
- a lot of fixes and updates
- many new stb
- cleared and optimized

Special THX OE-alliance and all betatesters.

FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam

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