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Еgami 8.0.6 Final OPTICUM 4K HD51


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Еgami 8.0.6 Final 26.10.2017

[Cron] - Adjust for cronie instead of busybox-cron
[Update] - Greek translation update 19/10/2017
[New] - add HEVC to serviceinf.py
[Wrappers] - Use GLib base64 functions GLib provides base64 encode and decode functions, 
since we are already depend on GLib because of servicemp3 we can use them and get rid 
of OpenSSL base64 functions This commit introduces base64encode and base64decode 
wrapped GLib functions and uses them in httpstream and streamserver.
[enigma2] - Add support for HTTPS TS streams
[New] - Add sanity check to avoid GSOD when crytoicons are in channellist
[Fix] - FIXED YOUTUBE.TV in Mipsel boxes
[Dvb] - dvb: make isusb detection more accurate
[Fix] - wpa_supplicant: fix WPA2 key replay security bug
[airdigital] - update drivers, fix snr
[epgimport] - update pv so we use newer sources
[Update] - rytec.sources.xml 
[Rytec sources] - Remove .gz sources