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Vu+ Uno4K OpenViX 4.2

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openvix: release 4.2.021
[vuplus] Update libvugles2(uno4k, ultimo4k)
[vuplus] [kodi] fix crash bug.
[libdvbsi] update to last git rev
[vuplus] update driver (ultimo4k)
[openatv] azbox e2 patch only for master branch dont merge to 4.0 branch
[ew7362] [vg2000 & vg5000] repack driver zip file
fix build enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-serviceapp with new gcc on arm plattform
openvix: developer
[showiframe] fix openvix logo issue and fix play2 greenscreen
openvix: developer
[xcore] drivers update Changes Fixed the wake up issue after 18h 13m of deepstandby without timer on OS mini+ and SPYCAT mini+ Added a workaround for few radio channels without PCR
[tripledot] vg2000 and vg5000 fix av out and optimise ci
[entwopia] update drivers ew7362 fix a/v out
dvbsnoop - fix silly mistake last commit...
dvbsnoop - bump PR. had be reverted as it breaks build old boxes.
Revert "dvbsnoop: move to PersianPros on github."
Merge branch '3.4-iptables' into 3.4
vuplus: bump kernel
vuuno4k: add iptables modules
vuultimo4k: add iptables modules
vusolo4k: add iptables modules
vusolo2: add iptables modules
vuzero: add iptables modules
Merge pull request #144 from persianpros/patch-1
[azbox] update e2_pcr.patch for openatv
dvbsnoop: move to PersianPros on github.
openvix: developer
[vuplus] fix uno4k pvr
chromium fix depends issue multi build environment
add missing module
openvix: developer
vusolose: iptables
[OpenWebif] Fix truncated lines
[OpenWebif] Fix last commit
[OpenWebif] Prepare 1.1 No. 2
[vuplus] update drivers(uno4k, ultimo4k) - Fix HDMI IN(ultimo4k) - Fix DVB-CI and PiP
[3rd-party-feeds] Update.
[OpenWebif] Fix last commit
[openatv] wetek e2 merge now to atv main e2 git
openbh: release 0.6.020
[openMips] roll out packages themes webtv vxg of enigma2-plugin-extensions-openwebif only for boxes not having MACHINE_FEATURES smallflash
openvix: developer
[vuplus] update more drivers
[vuplus] update drivers
[OpenATV] PR bump
[OpenATV] OWIF module selection All machines: - WebTV
[OpenWebif] Prepare for 1.1 - READ! Beginning with version 1.1 OWIF will be modular: You can have OWIF with or without Themes and with or without WebTV and with or without VXG (WebTV support for Chrome) (more features as modules might come later)
[3rd-party-feeds] Update.

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