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Newnigma2 v4.0.6

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Enigma2 4.0: 18.11.2013
Enigma2 Plugins: 29.11.2013
Newnigma2 Plugins: 29.11.2013

driver: 01.10.2013
secondstage: 88
kernel: 3.2.51

Notice: Update from v4.0.x to 4.0.6 possible.


Added: Skin Evolution-HD by Kerni (thx)
Added: newnigma2.Kerni.PanTV-HD by Kerni (thx)
Added: Kerni.Gnome-HD by Kerni (thx)
Added: VideoDB V2.2 by Dr.Best (click here for more information) (thx)
IMPORTANT: read here for your collections
Added: mediaportal
Added: swapmanager
Added: wget
Added: weathercomponent (needed for some skins)

Bugfix: Rebuild Picon handling/loading/caching (less memory consumption)
Bugfix: Newnigma2 Services fix getPNG cache failure (memoryleak)
Bugfix: Improved onlineinstaller cache handling (sometimes strange screen output)
Bugfix: neutrino keymap

Update: Some improvements on our onlineinstaller
Update: znc to version 1.2
Update: openvpn to version 2.3.2
Update: german translation
Update: mediaportal to version 4.9.2

Removed: we have removed non working plugins. most of them are integrated in mediaportal.
Removed: keymanger plugin from image. It's still available from our feed.

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