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Vu+ Duo 4K SE

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  1. Openvix-6.2.006

    OpenViX 6.2 is based on the OE-Alliance-core branch 5.1.
    The easiest way to flash latest OpenVix image is to do the following:
    Download the image to your receiver's storage device
    Blue button > ViX > Image manager > Yellow (Downloads) > Select OpenViX > Select image version > Press OK
    You will see the download status
    Once downloaded, you should still be in Image manager and the latest image should be highlighted.
    Ensure you have the correct image selected then press the Blue button (Flash)
    The new image will flash and box will reboot when completed

    You can then restore settings and plugins from OpenViX 6.1 (and earlier) series images after you have flashed the image. This will restore most things to how you had them before.
    So what is different in OpenViX 6.2?
    OpenViX 6.2 builds on the success of 6.0 and aims to bring you the important things such as improved stability and bug fixes, rather than gimmicks.
    The main change from version 6.0 to version 6.2 has been to upgrade from oe-alliance-core branch 5.0 to 5.1. The OE (Open Embedded) core on which the image is built has also undergone major changes, updates and fixes, and uses the latest bitbake version. Also the enigma2 codebase has been updated to remove Python 2 backwards compatibility code that is no longer needed.
    It is now possible to display the menu as a horizontal scrolling list (requires a compatible skin, currently Magic-FHD or Simple1080).
    Contains experimental FCC (fast channel change) code for hardware that supports this (Vu+ models with FBC tuners).
    ***Password required for FTP, TELNET & SSH!*** SEE GUIDE HERE!
    OE-A 5.1
    Python 3.10
    Extensive changes "under the covers" to meet python3.10 requirements.
    Some plugins may no longer be supported (depends on source availability etc) or still may need code changes
    Has been extensively piloted over last 5 months.



  2. OpenPLi 8.2

    New hardware support:
    Add AB-COM PULSe 4K mini
    Added Qviart Dual remote
    Update Televes dCSS LNB & switch
    Unicable add switches Unitron dCSS 422, Inverto ISKY UST CUO80. Also add manufacturer item numbers
    Add AVS2 support (Zgemma)
    Add remote hd66se
    Rtl8821cu restore support for kernels between 2.6.40 and 4.19
    Maxytec add multiboxpro 2GB model
    Add USB DVB driver for Vuplus Tuner Turbo2
    Zgemma (gfutures)
    Add hd66se model
    Add zgemma H8 remote
    Unicable add IDLU-24UL40-PLSTM-BPP
    Unicable add Inverto IDLU-32UL42-UNBOO-OPP
    New or improved Plugins and Settings:
    CI support 1.4 standard
    GStreamer: Upgrade to version 1.18.5
    Add android dual boot menu option
    About - hdmi-cec address to box info (if is cec enabled)
    Removed systemtime plugin, as it is now built into Enigma2
    added TerrestrialScan
    added ndisc6, tools for IPv6 networks,
    Update busybox seperately to avoid opkg concurrency issues
    Harddisk: Create "movie" directory after formatting a device
    HDMI-CEC - display address in description if cec is enabled only
    Added "images" folder (for your own image collection) and "imagebackups" (to be able to flash backupsuite images)
    Disable OSCam clockfix again
    Add Smargo reader to oscam.server config
    Updated zerotier to 1.8.4
    Ffmpeg: Add libx264 encoder, required to convert avi to ts( duo4k not support avi codec)
    Added the xstreamity plugin to the feed
    Added enigma2-plugin-extensions-jedimakerxtream to the feed
    Add cronie to the feed
    Add Fast Channel Change support (FCC), FCC only works on VU+ hardware, needs driver support
    Change default epg.dat location to /media/hdd
    Lower the priority of the FCC plugin so it does not show on top
    fix audio when plugin Quad pip enabled
    Add "Http(s) stream start delay" setting -If stream from another box(old default delay 0 ms)
    [frontend] update snr/db "GIGA DVB-T2/C NIM (TT3L10)
    Add the fcc plugin to the images of fbc-capable hardware
    The keytranslation.xml can be placed in /etc/enigma2/ ( => is in directory with user settings)
    Look and feel changes:
    As always many translation/language improvements, thanks to all the translators!!!
    Added Qviart Dual to OWIF
    Driver updates:
    Edision: Update kernel to 5.15
    Zgemma: Update drivers "se" models
    Qviart: removed lunixco model
    Gigablue: add support for WinTV-dualHD
    Zgemma: H8: fix deepsleep
    Ab-com: Update abcom-dvb-modules-pulse4kmini
    Zgemma H8: fix aac-he audio
    ET10000: rename v3d-nxpl -> v3d-mipsel
    Many updates for Kodi on multiple receivers
    Zgemma tryfix dvd player from e2 Menue
    Updated many drivers with kernel 5.15 support
    Ab-com [ethwol] disable vfd if WakeOnLAN is enabled, if turn on the "Wake on Lan"(set 'on' /proc/stb/power/wol) and put the receiver into deep standby mode, the display does not turn off.
    Update h8 fix screenshot, CSA, picture frame by change reslution and Support new dvb tuners
    Fix mistake blindscan file,
    Fix deepstandby time display.
    Fix front time display.
    Fix display signal snr ( signal finder) percent and db value.
    Added zapmode interface. ( mute, hold )
    Fix blindscan problem.
    Fix hdmi cec operation.
    Abcom: Update pulse4kmini
    update drivers to fixed issues of FULL HD skin
    add auto framerate support and improve TP lock
    add new RCU support
    fix remote issue
    Zgemma: H8: fix gpio table
    add new RCU support
    fix remote issue
    Octagon: Add auto framerate support and improve TP lock
    H8: fix gpio table
    h8 update kernel patch map
    Abcom: Improved blindscan
    Other improvements:
    Many KODI improverments, plugin and drivers
    Don't import from the fallback before the network is up
    Known issue's:
    Minidlna latest version no longer compatible with OE Zeus
    Vuplus-tuner-turbo2 not supported on gen1 boxes
    FCC only works on VU+ hardware, needs driver support
    CIFS guest mounts without username/password no longer work, see here for more information
    If you have such a mount, enter "guest" for username and password, instead of leaving those fields blank, BEFORE you upgrade to 8.2-release.



  3. OpenBh 5.1

    OpenBh 5.1 is based on the OE-Alliance 5.1 core.

    The main change from OpenBh 5.0 to OpenBh 5.1 is that Python has been upgraded from Python 3.9 to Python 3.10 and 99% of the old redundant Python2 code has now been removed completely.
    Whats New:

    OE-A 5.1
    Python 3.10
    Extensive changes to meet Python3.10 requirements.
    Fixed all known issues with FCC on Vu+boxes... (Channel number and usb tuners with no video).
    If your favourite plugins no longer work, you will need to contact the plugin authors to ask them to update their plugins for Python3.

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  4. Open Source Image 3.0

    Fix missing SRC_URI



  5. OpenATV 7.1

    OpenATV 7.1



  6. VTi 15.0.00

    ****** VTi - Vu+ Team Image - VTi 15.0.x
    From VTi Team
    VTi Panel (Blue Button)
    Supported languages:
    English, German, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Polish,
    Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Arabic, French, Swedish,
    Portuguese (Portugal), Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian
    With modular, flexible VTi skins
    VTi Bootlogos and Radiomode Logo.
    Short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, long press opens Pluginmenu
    Support for FTDI chipset cardreader like smargo and easymouse2
    Running Softcam shown in the Infobar
    MovieList with extended functions
    Support for full image backup and restore (restore not for 4K-receivers)
    Supports VTi image flash online (not for 4K-receivers)
    Restore Plugins, Bouquets, Settings, etc. during installation
    Remove preinstalled packages during installation (VTi Zero)
    Support delayed descrambling in standby (Solo 4K, Uno 4K, Uno 4K SE, Ultimo 4K, Zero 4K, Duo 4K, Duo 4K SE)



  7. OpenVision 10.3 R387

    – OE update
    – XML updates
    – SH4 driver updates for OEM/brand/model/rid/stbid in Information screen, thanks to Audioniek (also you could read pti_descrambler.c and see what I wrote about PowerVu so any idea would be appreciated)
    – LCD4linux plugin 5.1-r8q for Open Vision
    – Open WebIF updates and fixes
    – Pre-install all graphic drivers (opengl, libgles and …)
    – setup.xml fix by norhap
    Do not online update/upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3, you need to reflash!
    Keep in mind we have our own kernels and specific drivers so multibooting our images means YOU WILL LOSE some functions.
    online update;
    opkg update; opkg upgrade
    GStreamer – 1.18.3-r0 (stable)
    python – 2.7.18-r0
    GCC – 10.2-r0
    Glibc – 2.33-r0
    OpenSSL – 1.1.1j-r0
    Busybox – 1.33.0-r0
    FFmpeg – 4.3.2-r0 (latest stable)
    exteplayer3 – 68
    wget – 1.21.1-r0
    curl – 7.75.0-r0
    GnuTLS – 3.7.0-r0
    Binutils – 2.36-1

    Login details:
    Username: root
    Password: openvision



  8. BlackHole 3.1.0




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