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GI ET11000 4K


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  1. openATV 6.4

    openATV 6.4

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  2. OpenPLi 7.2

    OpenPLi 7.2

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  3. OpenPLi 7.1

    NFS server is now part of the image by default, with /media/hdd exported to any client.
    Multiboot for Mutant HD60, Maxytec Multibox and Zgemma H9combo. Below the procedure you have to follow to make use of it.
    Main menu -> Information -> About: here the skin and resolution used and the debug level is now mentioned.
    Vietnamese language is added.
    You can now debug from the menu, take a look in the wiki on how to debugging from menu

    Improvement since previous version:
    Added UHD testscreen.
    Add a SystemInfo entry for Enigma Debugmode.
    Fallback tuner: added the option Customize OpenWebIF settings for fallbacktuner. This is required for the fallback timer feature when retrieving the settings, EPG and streams are 'secured' from an import that has a password.
    HotKey: Put GMEPG by default on yellow long.
    Hotkey: Help text added, "Press or select button and then press 'OK' for attach function" when no function is attached to the key selected.
    Hotkey: Help text added, "Press or select button and then press 'OK' for attach function or edit attached", when a function is already attached.
    Virtualkeyboard update.

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  4. OpenPLi 7.0

    This image is using the OE Pyro branch (Yocto project)
    Add Support for Gamma Curve (aka SDR/HDR/HLG)
    Service references for dotted lines (VBI-Lins) on top of the screen are now placed in the file: /etc/enigma2/whitelist_vbi. With a update of the settings lists, the entry's aren't lost anymore.
    Improved support for the Wifi USB chipsets (MT7601u, MT7610u, RTL3573, RTL5572, RTL8723a, RTL8723bs, RTL8723bt, RTL8812au, RTL8814au, RTL8822bu, RTL8189es and RTL8192EU) (note: not for all images yet!)
    Updated driver for the Wifi USB chipset RTL8192cu
    New libcrypto-compat package provides backwars openssl/libcrypto support [20190121 hotfix]
    Improvement Since previous version:
    Fallback remote receiver (eg. fallback tuner) possibilities extended.
    Latest Commits - Removed from Information\About\Red button
    Gstreamer 1.14.4
    Keyboard entry improvement
    libssh 0.7.6 to address CVE02018-10933
    Some improvements for the online Flash. (eg. other a Flash to multiboot, you get direct access towards the multiboot menu)
    Small improvements for the StartupWizard. (eg. When no tuners are enabled, a fallback tuner option is presented.)
    Added option to fully disable the Fastscan (default = disable)
    Hide non-required menu options in tuner setup when no tuners are enabled.

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  5. openatv-6.3


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  6. openpli-6.2

    Improvements on Helptext messages Show True/False as graphical switch Updated languages translations AVSwitchVideoHardware - Add support for 'full' aspect ratio mode Option Relevant PIDs routing HDMI Colorimetry selectable (at Menu, Setup, System, Audio / Video, A/V settings) Other improvements:
    Flashimage support Plugins updates Drivers updates FFMpeg update 3.4.2 and aarch64 support Flashimage code simplified Autobackup Autotimer version 4.4 Picons (SNP and SRP format) are back in the feed CCcam 2.3.2, and CCcam support for ARM based receivers PLi-Full HD cosmetic improvements Fallback remote receiver setup (at Menu, Setup, Service searching). Beware: If to select Import from remote receiver URL, all channel settings are replaced from remote receiver Bugfix:
    VU+ Solo 4k DiSEqC fix VU+ Solo 4k QuadPIP Added missing Firmware for RTL8192EU Added missing BRCM7439 Finally new drivers for the ET4x00/5x00/6x00/8000/9x00/10000

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  7. openatv-6.2

    Libc6 update from 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6
    Openssh 7.4 -> 7.6
    Busybox 1.24 -> 1.27
    Samba 4.4.16 -> 4.6.7
    Openssl 1.02k -> 1.0.2m
    Nfs Util 1.28 -> 2.1.1
    Dropbear 2016.74 -> 2017.75
    Bitbake 1.33 -> 1.37
    Gcc 6.3.0 Memleak fixe
    Update enigma2 to version 6.2
    Bug fixes, and stability updates
    New boat logo, design by Swenna Deluxe

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  8. openatv-6.1

    openatv-6.1 от 20171218

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  9. OpenPLi 6.1

    OpenPLi 6.1 от 17.12.2017

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  10. OpenPLi 6.0 develop для ET11000

    Сборка имиджа OpenPLi 6.0 develop для ET11000
    от 20171029

    ffmpeg 3.3.4
    gstreamer 1.12.3
    usbmanager (менеджер монтирования, форматирования usb накопителей)
    и так далее...

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