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      Отключение пакета Триколор   02.04.2018

      Пакет Триколор отключил вещание MPEG-2 и перестал быть доступен для просмотра через кардшаринг. Пакет будет удален всем пользователям в автоматическом режиме с возвратом денег на баланс за оставшиеся дни просмотра.

Информация о файле

DM500HD v2: Newnigma2v4.0.18

fixed possible crash when seeking forward/backward in media files without subtitles (or internet streams)
changed size of config entry progressbars
fixed internal log support
allow to change text subtitle blackbox transparency for teletext subtitles
fixed possible timer sanity check false positives
fixed possible crash in CommonInterfaceAssignment plugin
manual service scan:
always use QPSK Modulation when DVB-S is selection in manual scan
moved satellites selection to first position
extend blindscan search ranges by +/- 50Mhz for silabs tuner.. its needed because of the internal algo..
added workaround for a driver bug in silabs driver blindscan
moved modulation before fec
fixed blindscan for C-Band
faster service scan (shorter SDT timeout)
misc/dev stuff
enable twisted threads support
backported Tools/Log functions from DreamOS
allow arbitrary user-agent for HTTPProgressDownloader
fixed return value of getInfoObject function for non ts media files


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